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Selected Projects

World class CRM, Sales Enablement Platform, Sales Process Tool, Email, Calendar, Tasks, and very very fast. Written in C#/JavaScript/HTML/CSS with PostgreSQL + Java/Swift on Android/iOS.
Asteroid Missile Defense
Retro game insipired by Asteroids and Missile Defense, available on Windows Phone (and previously on Android and iOS). Written in C++/Objective-C/Java with OpenGL ES / Direct3D 11.
Fantasy Team based Action Game made in 2006 by 5 guys from Sweden, winner of the Swedish Game Awards and lots of fun. Written in C++ with Direct3D 9.
A nice and simple way to make modern looking Surveys, Polls and Quizzes. Written in C#/JavaScript/HTML/CSS with PostgreSQL.


Pretty Print JSON (Client Side)
Fully Client Side Base 64 Data URL Encoder
Cubic Bezier Editor (Client Side)
Tiny WYSIWYG Editor (WYSIWYG in 5KB, one file)
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