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Selected Projects

World class CRM, Sales Enablement Platform, Sales Process Tool, Email, Calendar, Tasks, and very very fast. Written in C#/JavaScript/HTML/CSS with PostgreSQL + Java/Swift on Android/iOS.
Asteroid Missile Defense
Retro game insipired by Asteroids and Missile Defense, available on Windows Phone (and previously on Android and iOS). Written in C++/Objective-C/Java with OpenGL ES / Direct3D 11.
Fantasy Team based Action Game made in 2006 by 5 guys from Sweden, winner of the Swedish Game Awards and lots of fun. Written in C++ with Direct3D 9.
A nice and simple way to make modern looking Surveys, Polls and Quizzes. Written in C#/JavaScript/HTML/CSS with PostgreSQL.


Pretty Print JSON (Client Side)
Title Case Converter (Client Side)
Letter Counter (Client Side)
Fully Client Side Base 64 Data URL Encoder
Cubic Bezier Editor (Client Side)
Tiny WYSIWYG Editor (WYSIWYG in 5KB, one file)
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