Main features
Team-based online action with persistent characters. Join any server online and get instant action! Face off against another team of players to prove yourself in the toughest, most action-packed battles imaginable!
The unique fantasy world of Alendere, full with original and interesting creatures, races and characters, complete with a rich history for the both the game world and the game alike.
Six original player classes, all with their own unique gameplay requiring different tactics and cunning. Play as the agile deep elf Reaver who can mold her very skeleton into deadly weapons, the fearsome aramasi Shadowblade who can move instantly between shadows, striking swiftly with a poisoned blade, the Paladin who melds his very soul to his near-sentient enchanted sword or the orcish Witch who can summon the forces of nature and channel the very energies of life and death.
A thriving community fully supported and merged with the game itself. Manage guilds and team rosters, discuss tactics on the forums, watch your characters rise on global rankings.
  • Proprietary cutting-edge graphics engine that utilizes the full strength of pixel and vertex shaders 2.0. Including normal and specular maps, real-time reflections and shadows.
  • Three challenging game modes, the traditional Team Deathmatch and Capture the flag combined with our original game mode Relic Conquest gives you countless hours of fun. Relic Conquest requires you to capture three Relics with unique effects, each demanding different tactics to capture.
  • Original soundtrack featuring live orchestral instruments.
Released Q3 2006
End of Life Q3 2008
Community Edition active until November 2013

End of Life Stats
  • 55 273 players
  • 135 417 characters
  • 10 812 432 kills
  • 141 625 hours played (~5 901 days or ~16.16 years)
  • 5 players with over 1 000 hours played
  • 253 players with over 100 hours played
  • 6 279 copies sold
  • 52 469 forum posts in 8 744 threads
  • 525 854 visits on the website, 166 434 unique visitors